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200 Ton 144” x 72” Hydraulic press

This press was refurbished for a customer molding fiberglass. A new Allen-Bradley PLC based control system was designed and installed. The press has 72" daylight and 48" stroke.
Icon is located in Grand Rapids, MI and has been supplying manufacturers with pre-owned presses either as-is or refurbished for over 20 years.

795 Ton 36” x 36” Hydraulic Molding press

This press was refurbished by Icon Industries for a customer molding composites. This press was outfitted with side cylinders and a prefill valve to meet closing speed requirements. We also had built and installed new electronically heated and water cooled platens. The main ram was refurbished (30" diameter) and new seals were installed. An Allen-Bradley PLC based control system and a new hydraulic system were designed and built. Guarding included light curtains, expanded metal and sheet metal skirting.

500 Ton 70” x 60” Down-acting hydraulic press

This press was totally refurbished by Icon Industries for a customer molding military related composite components. A new hydraulic power unit and new Allen-Bradley based control system were designed and built. A pre-fill system was included to facilitate the required speed. Light curtains were installed front and rear. The five 10" bore cylinders were completely rebuilt including modifications for the pre-fill circuit. Forty-five degree adjustable GIB guides were designed, built and installed for better guiding.

250 Ton 32" x 42" Up-acting Compression Molding Press

Icon Industries totally refurbished a matching pair of presses for a customer molding foam rubber. A new Allen-Bradley based control system and hydraulic power unit were designed and built. New side cylinders and a pre-fill valve were added to acheive the desired 120 inches per minute fast-close speed. The threaded area of the tie rods were increased to allow for adjusting the daylight. Controls and guarding were designed to facilitate operation by one or two operators.

200 Ton Clearing Press

Icon completely refurbished four 200 ton clearing presses for a customer involved in the oil industry. The presses are being used to form the ends of pipes. New control systems were designed and built; new 40 H.P. hydraulic power units were designed and built. The four clamp cylinders were rebuilt. The bed of the press was machined to facilitate the addition of two new knock-out cylinders.


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