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About Us

  Industries, Inc. Has been supplying machinery to industry since 1982. We take pride in the fact that many of our sales are to repeat customers.
  began by supplying hydraulic presses to the rubber industry. Over the years we have expanded our customer base to include a broad spectrum of manufacturing processes and expanded our inventory to include a wide variety of machinery.
  has an extensive inventory of hydraulic presses (hundreds in stock), hydraulic power units, extruders, mixers, mills, etc.

It is costly to maintain such an inventory, however we feel that the cost is worth the advantage it gives to our customers.

  Corporate Headquarters and Remanufacturing facility are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We also have a 60,000 square foot warehouse in Bailey, Michigan which is about 30 miles north of Grand Rapids. Please feel free to visit at any time for a first hand look at our equipment and facilities.

If you are flying in, we would like to pick you up at the airport. We are within 30 minutes of the Gerald R. Ford Airport (Grand Rapids) which is served by the major airlines.

  will always consider purchasing your surplus equipment whether it is one piece or an entire plant. Please forward what specifications you have. If your company has an established method of notification regarding surplus equipment, we would ask that you add Icon's name to your list.
  Although we have a large inventory, we may not have exactly what you need. If you don't find it on our list, don't hesitate to contact us anyway. We are happy to assist you in your search.

We will also consider brokering your equipment or possibly taking it in on consignment.


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